Running Clothes and Apparel

Choosing Your Running Clothes / Apparel

Whether you are a marathon runner or a weekend warrior, wearing the right type running clothes can make a huge difference. Running clothes include, running shorts, running shirt or jacket, running hat for protection from the sun's heat, running bandana to keep the sweat away from your eyes, as well as a good pair of running sunglasses. Running is a great for your health, and it can help you stay younger and fitter. Having the right type of running gear can be crucial to your performance. There are many factors to consider when choosing your running clothes. These factors include comfort, summer wear, and winter wear.

First of all before you buy your running clothes, you should try them. Go to your local sports store and try on a few pairs. Check to see if you're comfortable wearing a particular pair of running clothes. Ideally you should look for loose fitting shorts, which allow you to move more freely. Your running clothes shouldn't be too loose or too fit, either way can be uncomfortable. Basically, you should be satisfied with the overall fit.

Summer wear:
First of all don't wear cotton during the summer months. Cotton tends to retain water, which means it will hold your sweat and it can also cause some chaffing. You want to purchase running clothes that dissipate sweat. The clothing material you should be looking for during the summer months is moisture wick material. This material is excellent in getting rid of sweat and will keep you cool in hot temperatures. In addition, you can also find running socks and running hats made with moisture wick material.

Winter wear:
Just because it's winter time you think you are less likely to sweat? Not true at all. You do sweat during the winter time, and sweating is more dangerous during the winter time, because freezing temperatures freezes your sweat. Therefore, you it's crucial that all your winter running gear is made of moisture wick material, which includes your winter hat, your running shirt, and your running track pants. It's also important to wear multiple layers of clothing when running during the winter months, to stay comfortable. You should also purchase winter gloves made from moisture wick material, because you're hands and your gloves are the first thing that tends to get frost bite compared to other parts on your body.


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